15 Amazing Interviews About Link Building

While there are numerous ways to drive more traffic to your site, one of the most effective and far-reachings ways is to link build. Link building is simply the way you get more links to your site. The more links you have, the more traffic you’ll get, the better your SEO and the further your reach.

That’s why when I found this list of interviews on Manish Pandey’s blog, I had to share them with you. I haven’t read/listened to them all yet, but those I have are top notch. And just look at the quality of people being interviewed: Lee Odden, Seth Godin, Andy Hagans, Jim Boykin, Loren Baker, Bob Gladstein, Debra Mastaler, Eric Ward…wow…it’s like a who’s-who of link strategy experts. And the interviewers, themselves, aren’t too shabby.

  1. Peter Da Vanjo interviews Fantomaster.
  2. Aaron Wall interviews Dabra Mastaler.
  3. Barry Schwartz interview with Jim Boykin.
  4. Lee Odden interviews Eric Ward.
  5. Sugarrae’s group interview on link development.
  6. Patrick Gavin interviews Loren Baker.
  7. Julia interviews Bob Gladstein.
  8. Loren Baker interviews Patrick Gavin.
  9. Aaron Pratt interviews Stuntdubl.
  10. Scottie Claiborne interviews Mike Grehan.
  11. Joe interviews Matt Inman.
  12. Glen Allsopp interviews Lee Odden.
  13. Aaron Wall interviews Andy Hagans.
  14. Dev Lakhani interviews Seth Godin.
  15. Aaron Pratt interviews Lee Odden.

So there’s a ton of great information. But what’s your own link strategy?

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