Answer: What is The Biggest Growing Age Group In Social Media?

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I am lucky with this post, that my friend Sherrilynne over at pointed me in the direction of this article. The article really says it all. While it is possible that one my think that social media’s biggest growing group is the twenty something’s or even the teens. The reality is that it is middle aged man. What a surprise Facebook for woman, Twitter for men. Surly something is wrong here Ed? What are your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Answer: What is The Biggest Growing Age Group In Social Media?”

  1. I think the stats coming through now are indicative of how social media is maturing and social thinking is penetrating business. No longer is it just 'youth' exchanging photos and music tips, businesses are realising that social media can be a valuable area from CRM to recruitment to networking to reducing advertising costs.

    LinkedIn is growing, Dopplr represents business travel and a whole host of other niche networks are seeing take up from non-MySpace demographics. Twitter is interesting as although it has roots in the 'my cats been sick' status updates, the versatility of the platform is seeing it being used in a variety of ways – messaging, content distribution, feed aggregation etc. As it grows and its uses diversify it doesn't surprise me that the demographics are changing. Will be interesting to see what happens to the demographics as Twitter scales…..

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