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Networks Are A Bit Confusing

Networks are bit confusing especially as there are so many of them. I tried Xing for while on a recommendation, but it seems to be a bit restrictive unless you pay full whack. Of course 5 Euros a month is not a great deal to pay. So may be one should just pay that and be happy.

It is cheaper after all that ecademy.

If price is not question which one should you use? I quite often see people posting all sorts of job adverts/advertisement in forums on LinkedIn. I know this happens on all networking sites. I suspect still that the problem is deeper than the question which site should you use?

As one may still not be sure whether they are reaching the most productive audience (or any audience). In short I guess it is better to have all these discussions on your own website.

Which is what work connexions is about, we can build that sort interactive market for business consumers in there choosen field.