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Wcx Cool links for 2009-03-11

Social Networks – Changing the way we work

I came across some great research into Social Networks carried out by Dynamic Markets on behalf of AT&T. They surveyed over 2,500 people from a variety of industries (from commissioning steel buildings to selling automated OS recovery packages) in 5 countries and here are some findings that they published:

Some things uncovered in the study include:

  • 65% of employees surveyed say that social networking sites have made them and/or their colleagues more efficient
  • 63% say they have enabled them and their colleagues to achieve things that would not otherwise have been possible
  • 46% say they have sparked ideas and creativity for them personally
  • External collaboration sites on the web and internal blogging sites (both 11%)

The Top 5 social networking tools being used as part of everyday working life are:

  1. Companies’ own collaboration sites on intranets (39%)
  2. Internal forums within the company (20%)
  3. Company-produced video material shared on intranets (16%)
  4. Online social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook (15%)

Questions about Social and Business Media

I asked these questions a couple of months ago, and today I posted the last answer. Enjoy.

How effective is social media?

Answer here:

How long is it going to be around?

Answer here:

How much does it cost in relation to other media forms?

Answer here:

What is the biggest growing age group?

Answer here:

What can it do for my company?

Answer here:

What can it do for me as a director? Can I do it my self?

Answer here:

Blogging to Assess an Employees Performance

A couple of years ago I was applying for a job by a company in the UK. After the usual first get to know you meeting. They asked me to write a report about their website and what I thought about it.

I knew that this was a part of the job interview process so I wrote as honestly and as diplomatically as I could. Back then, I did not blog at all. Writing is not an obvious choice for me, I am much better orally speaking. I know why that is so, having kept a blog for over a year now. I am beginning to understand why writing is entirely different from speaking. It uses different parts of the brain. Which parts I am not entirely sure, but the more you activate a brain center the better it will perform. It is not as easy as it looks, but then again neither is it that hard. Without doubt, it does wonders for any plan to be able to take the effort to set it out on paper before you take any steps to put a plan into action. In fact I would even go so far to say that if we to do that with all important decisions in our life we would probably have a very different view point and live very different and probably richer lives, qualitatively speaking. If you are going to assess your employees on their writing skills you will have to create the right atmosphere. A free mind can develop very quickly (in children) unfortunately somewhat slower as an adult. So it is important that the employees do not feel that they have to write in certain way. Indeed that would be against the very essence of blogging. Forget having brain storming sessions, ask each employee to write something for you instead, that is a least the ones that cannot justify a better use of there of time than picking their nose. You will be amazed what you find…. this of course assuming that you have the more or less total confidence of your staff.

A Blogging Carnival Be Featured

A Blogging carnival is a world web phenomena where bloggers that are doing interesting or exceptional blogging can get free publicity within their own work sphere. It is similar to a magazine, in that it is dedicated to a particular topic, and is published on a regular schedule, often weekly or monthly. Each edition of a blog carnival is in the form of a blog article that contains permalinks links to other blog articles on a particular topic. If you would like to participate in the next Work Connexions blog carnival or synchroblog

If you would like to participate in the next Work Connexions blog carnival or synchroblog (Synchronised Blogging, or synchroblog, where a group of bloggers agree to post on their own blogs on the same broad topic on the same day.) then drop us an email or leave a comment in the blog entry of this news.

Try The New Work Connexions Site


We have been working for some time on launching a new site focused on Business Development. We our now throwing the doors open and inviting old and new users to join our community and grow your business. Over the next weeks we will be moving data and users over to the new site, ready for a new spring campaign. So come and try it out at

New software being tested for Wcx

Work Connexions has undergone some changes recently. We are in the process of changing our software so that we can interrogate third party tools apps more efficiently. This will ultimately allow us and you a greater freedom to integrate your online business presence to Work Connexion website. We can work in conjunction with your website, and other advertising mediums to help get your business message effectively across. The Work Connexions community of web sites can help your business by directing and increasing traffic to your website. Contact us today for a detailed quote.