Getting Known

The first thing in setting up an office or moving to another place for business is letting people know that you there. You can do this by a number of means. Registering at the Chamber of Commerce, sending out information, attending networking events.

There are also some more interesting and innovative ways. Like writing a blog post about the area and mentioning the names of businesses that appeal to you. Of course in my case Lancaster is really well known for it’s Universtiy where some 15,000 sudents come to study. There are a lot of networking groups and clubs. Most of the clubs tend to use tools provided by Facebook for organising events.

So a little about Lancaster courtsey of Wikipedia. “Lancaster is a city in Lancashire, England. Situated on the River Lune, it has a total resident population of 45,952, and together with a number of other towns, forms part of the wider City of Lancaster local government district, with a population of 133,914.

Long existing as a commercial, cultural and educational centre, Lancaster is the traditional county townof Lancashire, to which it gives its name. Lancaster has several unique ties to the British monarchy; the House of Lancaster was a branch of the English royal family, whilst the Duchy of Lancaster holds large estates on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, who herself is also the Duke of Lancaster.”

Some companies that caught my eye that are based here include, Backbone Solutions McCulloch Accountants Lancaster, Choices Employment Services, Mount Recruitment Ltd, Intec, Gillows. Ubertechs.