How to say No to Sales – (why it will improve your business)

A lot of company time is spent on generating sales and doing the work.

I would like to pause for one moment and consider the following. I deal with all sorts of companies from one man bands to thousands of employees. I work predominately in sales. One of the most noticeable parts of my work is how some companies will evaluate the questions you are asking and give a response. There are companies that tend to think that they are above this and try to ignore all sales approaches.

If someone was to ask me what do I think of company x? Well on one hand you have the company where I have not made the sale but where it was very pleasant to deal with. My recommendation for that company would be positive. On the hand you have the company that did not return my calls, when I was able to speak with somebody they were misinformed or arrogant. This would also be what I would tell somebody asking me about that company. Indirectly the company that has been able to say no and explain its self is 10 times more likely to indirectly generate sales. Food for thought….. A business is much more than just its sales it is the whole organization.