IOD 60 Year Anniversary

The Institute of Directors is celebrating its 60 year anniversary this month. For any organisation to be making a valid contribution for that amount time is no mean feat. Of course the institute has been playing a very important role in business over the last 60 years. Many people dream of having their own business and being independent.


In the Isle of Man the success rate is very high. (eight out of every ten businesses is judged to be a success by the DTI. In comparison with the UK where it is the reverse of these figures. Of course setting up ones business always works on two levels . It is easy enough to have your trade or skill that you are good at. A very different matter when it comes to selling your business and taking a risk. It is not surprising a lot of people struggle with making that transition. The IOD can provide training knowledge and support in these matters, not just for big businesses but for all people that manage the risk of business. Take a look at the website: