Learn To Keep Your Ego In Check

One of the hardest things as an entrepreneur is to believe enough in your idea to do it, but not so much that overpowers everything else. I came across interesting article that expresses this sentiment exactly.

“Ego also gives entrepreneurs the confidence to sell their start-ups to partners, customers, and investors, and the courage to act like famous international CEOs even when they know they really are just playing a role. And ego is the force that allows entrepreneurs to get comfortable with their powerlessness and learn to love the word “no” instead of panicking in the face of it.

On the other hand, when allowed to run amok, ego keeps entrepreneurs from knowing what they don’t know and tempts them to believe their own press. Ego is also the culprit when entrepreneurs cling to their role as founder rather than turning their companies over to more capable managers. And ego is to blame when entrepreneurs can’t work with odd people who are clearly smarter than they are, or when they fail to remain calm and gracious in all business situations.”

To read more visit: http://www.inc.com/magazine/20050101/lucky-or-smart_pagen_4.html