Letter Writing is Dead – Just Join Facebook

I am not the world’s greatest letter writer, but in years gone by I do even less than I have done before.

Why is this?

Most, not all the people I know. I can stay in touch with on Facebook or other Social Media Sites.

I can see when a family member has gone to party, visited a place, lost a mobile phone.

That is one tangle benefit of Social media.

3 thoughts on “Letter Writing is Dead – Just Join Facebook”

  1. The reason I got involved in Facebook in the first place was to stay in touch with my daughters in Canada. It's proven to be an excellent channel. If I had to wait for letters, I'd still be waiting. 🙂

  2. I'll have to agree with you. Although I hardly ever even bother with Facebook, someone recently got in touch with me there – someone who I hadn't spoken to in years and years.

    This social networking has its benefits.

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