Letter Writing is Dead – Just Join Facebook

I am not the world’s greatest letter writer, but in years gone by I do even less than I have done before.

Why is this?

Most, not all the people I know. I can stay in touch with on Facebook or other Social Media Sites.

I can see when a family member has gone to party, visited a place, lost a mobile phone.

That is one tangle benefit of Social media.

One thought on “Letter Writing is Dead – Just Join Facebook”

  1. I’m on facebook, but it’s nowhere NEAR what letter writing is. Comparing Facebook to letter writing is sort of like comparing McDonald’s fast food to a fine-dining restaurant. Yeah, they’re both food, but they are two completely different experiences. They both have their uses, but you wouldn’t want to only have one or the other.

    I do quick notes of urgency by email but I still think it rocks to pour your heart out onto paper and stick it in the mail. Letter writing is awesome.

    I’m slightly biased since I maintain a letter writing web site over at passionforletters.com. Can’t help myself! 🙂

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