New Packages From Skype

Skype have just released some new packages, they are pretty cool as a long term user of Skype I can recommend them. You can make video conference personal/business calls. They also have a nice selection of telephones which are certified with their software. One of the main reasons that people use Skype is that it is cheap, very cheap to make local and international calls. You can call other Skype users free charge and Mobile phones can be called at low prices too.

Half year ago the service went though an over subscription period where the users had a less than perfect line quality and a few dropped calls, but since then it has increased it services and it now providing a top class quality service.

This what the website explains about Skype Mobile:

“If you have a mobile workforce, 3 Skypephone is the mobile they can use to stay in touch with free calls and instant messages to the office, clients, and anyone else on Skype. It’s a slim-line mobile packed with features – including Skype at the touch of a button. Travel with Skype, and have its benefits 24-7.”

Give it a go here:
Get an Unlimited World calling subscription from Skype
Call anywhere in the world for free on the 3 Skypephone