Offline/Online Which Profile are you?

I was surfing the internet this evening and it struck me how bloggers can give an entirely different image about themselves than what they really are. For example just recently a couple of blogs have been sold for $10,000. While it is nice pocket money, you are not going to be able to retire on it. Is the buyer buying a page rank or the personality. The other side of the coin is there are bloggers out there who have photos of themselves in big expensive cars on their blog with the promise of blog like me and you too can live like me. While the reality is they are probably scratching a living. Still it is better than mugging old ladies.

There is of course another kind of blogger who is totally nuts but their blog is very plain. I do wonder about interacting in this way what are the benefits and what are the pitfalls? If we keep it all in perspective I would not do business with somebody solely on their blog. Which is why executives still travel the globe. Face to face is the still the most trusted way to get business done. As I search the internet I wonder what blogs are telling us about their owners? and what are their reasons for blogging. For me personally it is a development tool.