Real Time Advert Statistics

Without a doubt there is one area that the internet thrashes all competition hands down and that is statistics and user information. On the advertising campaign you can see everything. From when they first visited to which page they went to, when did they comeback? How long did they stay? What sort of computer do they have? Which country are they are from? Is that country planning to invade yours etc. Some people have a great deal of fear about so much information being available and how to use it. The rest of us just get on and use the information to cater for our products and understand our markets.


There was a time a few years ago, a little bit less now where you came across a poll on a website. Websites would ask questions like who would you vote for in an election campaign? Should Policemen be paid more? What is your favourite colour? etc. Now days that is not strictly necessary because you can track the user when he enters your site and see where it is that he clicks (goes). For example if I do a blog post about money I can see that it has attracted more page views then a post about writing letters. I am sure that it happens that marketing campaigns go live before they are tested on the market. It would be the only explanation for such miserable campaigns like modo , or Iceland’s freezer food . If they had taken five minutes to put a few trial pages on the internet they could have seen if anybody was really interested in their marketing message. We at Work Connexions provide statistics for adverts and blogging. So you can see if you are onto a winner before you go and print up five thousand copies and publicise the press release.