Best Practices for Commenting – Say What You Mean

epicfailToo often we come across badly informed opinions or just sloppy writing in what we are reading on the Internet. The most obvious choice is to move on quickly to our next destination/blog post.

But what if we were to say exactly what we  are thinking?

For example that a blog post is incorrect or badly written and cite the relevant sources to back up our information. A critical comment can be ten times as valuable as a general “oh this is interesting” or not commenting at all when you think it is poor.

Comments  speak volumes about us all in a positive way be them positive or negative in meaning.

Below is a slightly adapted take on what I wrote to a group that  I am member of that discusses social media.

There is a balance to be struck in my view. Obviously I do not expect anyone to push something that they do not like or agree with. With commenting you can always express that point of view you if  you think it is not very good etc. Hence why I prefer comments rather than social bookmarking. (digg, deliciousStumble Upon)

Social bookmarking is a one way action but it fundamentally express the middle road. In the sense you can not vote downwards. Maybe blogs should implement that sort of tool. If we are voting and it is not having any noticeable effect on our thoughts than maybe it is better to make a comment.

Honest criticism and voting does give a meaning to what we are doing in this medium.

If one is too busy  to do it, than does it really matter if you read it all?

I also run a company, study law and have a Son. If  I am going to do something, I am going to make sure it has an effect.