Security Stress at Work, What is the Cost?

Just recently security failed at work. This meant that all the doors had to be kept open. For the first time one could walk freely from one side of the building to the other side unimpeded without having to use a security pass. It was wonderful for a couple hours it was pure bliss.

Industrial WorkersWhat is the cost that security is placing on our businesses and our personal movement? George Orwell never had it so right. I am not talking about the physical cost of these systems and running them. More the emotional side of it. For example if someone forgets there pass. They are effectively stranded at work. Resorting to having to wait for colleagues who have their passes or leaving doors unlock.

We may not notice but it builds up stress. It is well known in the security industry particularly prison guards that retirement is short. Due to the pressures of work there is a high percentage that die with in a couple of years of hanging up their keys.

Are we more secure with all this security? What’s your opinion?

Could we better spend money on others things, or do we need to build better working secure systems that cause us less stress?

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