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If You Are Thinking Of Getting Into Blogging

I was out about this weekend and was asked on more than one occasion why I blog. I blog for a number reasons. Some personal and some professional.

On the professional side:

1. It demonstrates expertise knowledge and expertise in chosen skill year.

2. Increases Google page ranking and key words with relevant fresh content.

3. As a sales marketing tool, to build references through comments and the online community for consultancy work.

4. Generate income through paid advertising.

On the Personal side:

1. As a personal development log

2. to give help and give something back to people trying to understand and use this technology

3. For personal enjoyment of developing writing and pr skills

Chris Brogan is highly accomplished writer and blogger he had this advice to say about blogging in different media spheres.

  1. If your goal is to be an entertainment or news blog, be very clear that it’s that and not a “fun” blog. Consider splitting off your personal or fun blog.
  2. If your blog is to be your business, treat it like that. Get into stats. Get into building audience. Get into delivering something unique. Don’t straddle back and forth on this.
  3. If the goal is to be a great community resource, mix your blogging time with time spent reaching out to the community you propose to serve. If that’s an offline opportunity, like something local, be there. Be active. Be a connector.
  4. If you’re going to be a professional about your blog, carve out the time to do it right. Never, ever, ever post a “sorry I haven’t posted lately” blog post again. Ever.
  5. Up the ante on delivering original material. Get outside the echo chamber. Writing a me-too blog isn’t the way to build your blog to the levels you seek to attain.
  6. It’s okay to use a personal voice. In fact, there’s no point blogging if you’re going to write like a cold robot. But keep personal and useful in balance.
  7. If you are attempting to do real business via your blog, look for ways to convert readers into customers.
  8. If it’s just an ad revenue business, compete, and be honest about that. Compete with others in your space for audience, value, and better deals. My point in this regard is that going halfway into the water doesn’t make you less wet.
  9. If your blog is the premier source of information for nonprofits, for photographers, for whatever, then be sure you’re scouring news feeds and finding information outside the blogosphere to keep that relationship informed.
  10. Make a point of engaging your community often in the comments section, on their blogs, on the other social networks where you cross paths.
  11. chrisbrogan, 50 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level, Sep 2008


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Answer: How Much Does Online Advertising Cost in Relation to other Media Forms?

This is one answer to some questions I Posted here

I tried Googeling this one but unfortunately Google did not seem to have any relevant information, so I am going to have to answer the question myself. 🙂

I might be quite possibly asking the wrong the question, as the Internet does provide some very reasonable places to advertise. In fact is it advertising that is keeping the Internet going? I estimate ninety percent of sites are being paid for by advertising.

Arranging online advertising feels like a personal experience and it is time intensive. Once upon a time you could just choose a sports magazine, pay a few grand and have an advertisement made up and you were done. Is that so on the Internet? yes and no.

While it is clear that online advertising is increasing twofold every year as we spend more time behind our PC’s than in front of the TVs, it is not clear what the best place to spend those dollars is. Google has ad words its enormously successful advertising program. Microsoft has its less successful one too. There are hundreds of affiliate network sites, not forgetting Facebook, that wants to make a profit too this year.

If money is less of an objective you can pretty much contact any site; I am sure with the right smile your banner could be up there at a reasonable cost. With so much choice who do you choose? This is really where expertise comes in. A seasoned professional who knows your market will be able to track down the sites that will be suitable for your adverts negotiate the right deal.

Now is a good time to buy advertising on the Internet with most companies offering very good deals due to the immense competition. Who would you advertise with?

The last couple of days I have been looking at buying some online advertising for www.workconnexions.com I came across a wonderful niche that specialises in making miniature engines for enthusiasts.

Sponsorship was offered on the site at, so I contact the site owner and got this reply back.

“Pages for various craftsmen can be sponsored in exchange for a donation to the foundation. At this time we request a $100 (US) donation for 5 years of sponsorship on a craftsman’s page of your choice. Since many of the sponsors now shown there have been given free placement in order to get the page going in its early stages, you can request to sponsor any page even if it is already sponsored. If that person or business has not paid for the sponsorship, your request will take precedence. Please provide a 2nd choice in case your first choice is not available”

It appears to be a reasonable offer above and I am thinking about buy banner space. Than just this morning chatting with Owen. He pointed out that Seth Godin has brought a mass of banner advertising and managed to make less than his cost in return. Which made me think too. If Seth can not sell it, who can.

Well appears that there is a growing marketing for advertising on Face book and that a number of companies are making a nice return. I hope for Facebooks sake that is true or we may all have a problem.

Dogs of Oar – Charity & Company Promotion

Having just participated in a charity event over the weekend. I can say there is no better way to raise your company profile and do some good for community. I was part of 4 man team that participated in a raft race to raise money for RNLI Most of the teams where made up by different companies on the Isle of Man. Here is a list of some of the companies that entered:


Paragon Recruitment

Steam packet – Did not show as they had a gearbox problem.


Scottish Life

Bradford and Bingly

Central Software – Who sponsored and organised the event.

There were in total 21entries. We came in 6 after a good hard paddle. A good T-shirt design, loads of team spirit, and a good sporting performance and you are away. Some of other notable entrants were the Paragon Ninjas for costume and team idea. Thanks to every one for a great day.

Company Car Advertising the Minus and Pluses

A lot of successful companies have resolved there advertising problem by purchasing a company car or two and putting their company logo on the car.

This is a highly effective way to advertise your business for the following reasons:

1. For the price of petrol (£50) per a week a high number of people will see your company logo out and about
2. It lasts for a long period (3 years)
3. It is a perk for your employee.
4. It can motivate your employees if they can use it in there free time
5. You do not need to arrange other forms of advertising or less of it
6. The money you saved on advertising is going into your own company

The negatives are:

1. The driver will have to be a shining example of a good driver, or he could damage your companies reputation
2. There is increased company liability
3. Repairs will be expensive as the car will more than often be driven harder than it should.

I am thinking of doing a Wcx company car any suggestions for design please comment?

Would You Like To Spend Less Money On Advertising?

How much do you spend on advertising? How much would you like to spend?

Have you ever considered what may happen if your employees kept either internal or external blogs? Do you think you could generate a whole wealth of material for marketing from the activity that blogging represents?

Not only that but you can also use the comments, with one post you are doing market research, advertising your business, and generating marketing material. (think about the possibilities this suggests) and if that is not enough to lower your advertising costs, consider for a moment what could happen if your company engages in matters that concerns its business, for example: local community events, debates about skilled workers, legislation, online or offline you will generate a profile and a talking point about your company. Try it… it is also worth considering to engage a PR Company to help you along the way.