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Communicating What it is Your Company Does

How many times do you get asked; what is it that your company does? The thing that most people who work have in common, is that they have worked for several companies.

Practically every time you are introduced to somebody, the first inevitable question asked , whether in a private or a professional setting, will be: What is that you do or what line of business are you in? For me the answer to this question would vary as I would try out different explanations to fit in the situation, suit the enquirer or similar.

There is no one answer that fits all. For example a recruitment company may say we recruit executives with a proven track record. Another company may say we recruit and train office staff. For each segment of the market you have to adapt your message.

Sometimes a deep explanation may be necessary for the enquirer to understand what it is that you do an you may (or not as the case maybe) have to give more back ground information. A lot of people ask me what Wcx does. We tried a number of different explanations such as “Social networking for businesses” “One stop development shop” In the end we have chosen this one “Work Connexions does your Advertising, Marketing, Recruitment and Blogging. Online and offline” Of course this is only the start of effective communication “a short one liner”. It will be every companies top concern to prove the buyer that uses their products and services it does just what it says.

On balance one of the reasons why I like blogging is that it gives everyone involved in the company, project, etc the chance to understand how a company or organisation communicates with its employees and customers.

Network Sensations

There is a interesting dicussion going on over at marketing pilgrim written by Jordan McCollumabout how site visitors to Face book dropped after christmas. Personally I think networks will come ago, a bit like music sensations. Top of the pops for a while then on to the next one. Of course you will have your evergreens. Will anyone remember Facebook in five years time? or will have developed a new way of communication?