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You Got 7 Seconds To Do It – Hot Data

I have been reading the IOD magazines in my Christmas break and they have got an interesting article on e-commerce. They claim that you have got seven seconds to capture and interest your visitor. With so much content online these days the old maxim that content, content, content would guarantee a number of visitors is yesterdays news. Why?

First it takes time to produce quality content, not only do you have to be well informed you also need an opinion. Even if you have these two aspects it may not be enough. Writing content is an art as Sherrilynne over at Strive Pr can explain. Is it cheap to produce quality content? Hell no, even the most established bloggers such as Dosh Dosh require an indeterminate amount of time to write and check there content before it goes on there website. Other bloggers or companies employ other people do it for them. Which ultimately costs money instead of time.

Is Content King? Nope. A few months ago I looked at setting up a debt recovery business. In my research I was staggered to find so much quality content already on the net . I could have written till I was blue in the face with original content. I do not think that that my debt recovery website would have got on to the golden first page of google results for debt as a search word. As Chris Barling, in the IOD article also CEO of e-commerce software company Actinic, explains: “People try to trick Google, but it’s very good at finding relevant sites.

So what to do? Owen and I have been talking too about this problem recently and we do believe there is a solution. It does not lay in the content that you produce. Although original content is beneficial. It is no longer about one certain area but the concept as a whole. You can now buy a very respectable website for £1000 pounds. Unless it is geared to engage your market in all honesty you are better spending the money on hosting a wine and cheese evening for your potential customers . The only problem with that is, in a time poor world you are severely limiting your market and my 7 seconds was up long ago.

The Institute of Directors Recommends Blogging

The Institute of Directors has just recommend blogging as way of connecting with your customers in an interesting article they explain:

“If you want to compete, you must pursue your customer’s loyalty and pay them attention; they have many options and will move on without a second thought.”

“A blog will also enable you to build relationships with customers. Many will appreciate the chance to ask questions; others will be influenced by the feedback they read and how you respond to it. A positive comment or a problem sorted promptly can establish you as a trustworthy seller.

Sometimes you can turn a negative into a positive – by offering a prompt return for a customer who’s made the wrong choice, for example. But you’ve got to make sure you’re able to deliver what you promise, otherwise it could do you more harm than good.”

The full article can be read here. This is just the sort of thing we have been waiting for at www.Wcx.me

IOD Going Green and Going Global

The IOD convention 2008 will be carbon neutral. Very interesting stuff,

This is a key part of a general drive by the IoD to champion the reduction of energy consumption throughout the organisation and it is fitting that our flagship event should lead the way in this cause. The IoD has partnered with The CarbonNeutral Company to make this happen. Activities such as travel, transportation of equipment, lighting and temperature control all produce C02 emissions. To make the event CarbonNeutral® all the C02 generated by the event will be measured and balanced out with verified, carbon-saving projects. The result is a net-zero carbon footprint.


IOD 60 Year Anniversary

The Institute of Directors is celebrating its 60 year anniversary this month. For any organisation to be making a valid contribution for that amount time is no mean feat. Of course the institute has been playing a very important role in business over the last 60 years. Many people dream of having their own business and being independent.


In the Isle of Man the success rate is very high. (eight out of every ten businesses is judged to be a success by the DTI. In comparison with the UK where it is the reverse of these figures. Of course setting up ones business always works on two levels . It is easy enough to have your trade or skill that you are good at. A very different matter when it comes to selling your business and taking a risk. It is not surprising a lot of people struggle with making that transition. The IOD can provide training knowledge and support in these matters, not just for big businesses but for all people that manage the risk of business. Take a look at the website: http://www.iod.com

Ten ways to boost Innovation

The IOD featured an article in this month’s issue by Paul Sloan on ways to boost innovation in a company. The list is as follows:

1. Have a vision for change

2. Fight the fear of change

3. Think like a venture capitalist

4. Have a dynamic suggestion scheme

5. Break the rules

6. Give every one two Jobs (Key objectives)

7. Collaborate

8. Welcome failure

9. Build prototypes

10. Be passionate

I particular like the number 7: Collaborate. There is a lot of mileage to be had of working with people outside your own organisations. As they often can see what needs to be done. While managers argue about the best way forward, an outsider can give real direction especially if he has done it himself.