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25 years on Manx Tails

This month we see an anniversary of a local publication on the Isle of Man that has managed to survive 25 years. No mean feat for any magazine in this day and age. How has it managed to do this? There are several contributing factors to this in this blogger opinion. On the Isle of Man we enjoy a rather small population, which means that competition is not really possible. There may be only room for one magazine. As effectively there are at least nine advertising outlets for businesses (radio, papers, websites) to choose from, everyone is competing for a slice of the pie. So one would imagine that the product would have be really good. For a free magazine it certainly fulfills its market. It is hard to speculate just how successful the magazine is as the company is privately owned. But is has been around for a long time. I am interested in other peoples thoughts about advertising and magazines in general on the Isle of Man.