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Eight Point Plan to Channel Internet Information

How do you ensure that your time on the internet is used optimally, when time is short and there are so many fun things to do? You may want to insure your time behind the PC is kept to minum. This is how to do it.

1. First define what is it that your are interested in. So let’s say it is one of the following: Horse riding, work Management, and being healthy. It could really be anything but we’ll use these for examples for now.

2. Search for the information sources on Google, like this one:

3. Pick a result http://workconnexions.com/node/773 if you like the information after reading it, you need to simply look for the RSS. By selecting this you can save it to one of the many readers available here. Why use a reader? Because it does what it says. It helps you to organise and prepare your information for reading. Think of it as a little bit like a Magazine with only articles you want to read.

4. Email is cheap an easy form of communication. During the last years some of us got very excited about spam and online privacy. I am probably signed up to 150 different internet products, newsletters, companies, etc. Not once in that period have I ever had problem. If I get bored or tired of a particular service I just cancel my subscription. In my experience all the internet companies that I deal with adhere to my wishes. Using push email to receive blog postings, new products and offers is great way forward. Just remember you can as easily unsubscribe as you can subscribe.

5. Sign up for one of the many online messenger systems, From Skype through to Twitter. These provide instant contact online with associates and save time with writing long emails. It’s where you can just ask the question directly.

6. A little bit every day goes a long way. If you are receiving your information in byte seize packets it is much easier to digest than suddenly trying to research everything on the Internet. Manage information is as much as about the sources as about the amount.

7. Verify sources – one of the greatest downfalls of the internet is the source of the information. It also is its greatest advantage. Can you believe what you read on the internet? It is always a good question to ask. You could ask the same question from certain tabloids. So how do you verify your information? Here are some tips and pointers:

Does the website have a policy page?

Examine credentials in author bios and “about us” pages.

Examine grammar and spelling.

Examine links to and from other Web sites.

Look for references of the author or publisher.

Independently verify credentials.

Professional associations–check professional directory

8. Customization. Why drive a standard car when you can make you own. The great thing about the internet is that you can make it your own, bigger text, video or no video, display adverts or not- The possibilities are endless and can be all done out of your browser option panel. Fire Fox tends to allow more customization than internet explorer but you can still have your way.

It is not all that difficult channelling the information. I imagined when I started this how it could go on for ever. This point to point step plan is really all your need to get the most out of the internet. It is about making it manageable and do – able. Feel free to add your own experience below.

Channel The Information – The Question

This is part of a series called – Channel Internet Information.

It was predicted and it did deliver. The information highway (the internet) has more information than many of us had every imagined. At the press of a button we’ll find documents relating to family history or how to bake tart or pay our bills. Ten years ago you used the yellow pages and now you Google it. What does all this information mean to you and me? And more importantly, how are you going to make the best of it?

The internet in all its diversity can be overwhelming. A lot of intelligent and not so intelligent people just switch off to it because they can not to decipher all the information. What are your thoughts about using the internet?

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