What the kids are doing?

It is no secret that younger generations lead the way with new trends. But the question is, how much? I was amazed this week, when my son came home asking to install software for school which would enable him to do his homework,stay in touch with classmates and swap ideas( sounds a bit web 2.0). They use a software called First Class. As the website explains:


FirstClass Learning Platform http://www.intl.firstclass.com/

FirstClass is a learning platform for online learning communities, that enables personalised learning activities. It provides ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ access to the learning environment from the classroom, library and home, while it enables parents to become more involved in the educational development of their child.


I have no doubt that the current generation of school children are running rings around the a large part of the current workforce. Already my son has produced his own cartoon DVD, something that would have been impossible for anyone 10 years ago. How bright is the future? Well it depends on how we are able to integrate with this generation.