When companies pull out…..

BA Isle of Man story (very simple really)

A piece of local news here on the Island. British Airways has sold its regional flight routes and maintenance base. They have been lambasted in the local press as the Islands least favourite airline. I am personally inflamed that we allow such articles to be written. The local government representative John Houghton made the claims and then went on to add good riddance. I am shocked at the lack of reporting and thought in the comments and here is why:

What do they expect? The company was not making money on the route and service, do they think that businesses should provide a service that is not economically viable.

What sort of message does this give to companies coming hereā€¦..?

While BA were here they provided a very good service on the island.

Situations change and I am sure that this was seen coming for several years, either the government was not able to make a deal, or they did not want to.

What really annoys me about the comments is that it puts all the blame on BA. Why didn’t someone try to get to the heart of the matter and find out what went wrong. With this blaming of BA we fail to recognise our own faults and the chance to focus on what we can do about it. If people really think that a business should lose money than they should come out and say it , not blame the company