When your customer is leaving, do you need better customer service?

When a customer decides to leave, what should you do and what are the pitfalls?

A lot of time is spent upon winning customers. But if you cannot keep your customers, what then?

How important is a customer?

It is obvious that not all customers are the same.

Yet again and again, people seem to treat everybody the same, like it is some sort of democracy. The basic service is always the same, being polite, accurate etc.

But is much more than that. Some customers are going to expand your business by up to three or four times. Of course the reverse is true as well. Certain customers can shrink your business by the same amount.

I have recently experienced that, for the sake of £30, a company is willing to allow bad feeling to stand. 

If we break this down into figures, over the next two years, I will tell approximately 30 people about this company. Let’s say that only 20 of these people were potential customers. If they use just the cheapest service available, at £180, that’s £3600 at an absolute minimum the company will have have lost. All for the sake of £30.

People say the best advertisement is word of mouth. If any customer left us not completely satisfied, I would refund them their last months payment, no questions asked.