Why I did the 360 and Monetised My Site

I am going to stick my hand in the fire and say that advertisements in blogging can offer a lot of benefits to the reader. Traditionally I came from  background that has never really  been effected by advertising. Is that really possible in this day and age? Well sort of, Most of my small or large purchasers are brought based on my own criteria. Now,  one can argue that there is marketing and I am being indirectly marketed too but that is a conversation for another blog. Why do I think advertising adds to blogs. Well if you are writing about ideas and concepts in your blogs than there are a lot of products that can appear in blog offering their services that would bolt on nicely to the content.


For example if I write a blog about content then advertisement will appear with services for content. So the reader than gets double choice. Monetising my blog was a bit of 360 for me. My profile on the work connexions site was w3c compliant very readable but possible a bit boring. We hope with the new site to have remedied that and that business development will be enjoyable or whatever it is that you do. What are your thoughts? to advertising on your blog. 


Of course if you want to skip the advertisements just RSS there is no advertisements in the feed…