Why, I do not want to work for Google

Let’s make it absolutely clear that if Google were to offer me a creative directorship in Google Inc. I would make the time to take that opportunity. But that is not the point. I’m sure that the readers who read this blog are aware of Google’s dominance in the world. From their e-mail program which I am a user of, to the online document storage, Ad sense, Google  alerts, websites, Chat, scholar, reader, etc. Google rules the online world in a little over 10 years. They’ve come from a simple search engine to worldwide dominance with revenues in the hundreds of billions of pounds. So, while it is not  clear that space aliens might control space, it is clear that  Google controls Internet advertising here on earth.

So, what is the point of this blog post. The question that has been concerning me for the last week. Is this, are all the clever people in the world working at ? That is of course preposterous. So why is it then that there is not even a murmur of competition in the water for Google. Yes, there are other search engines, but can you name them. I am sure for the tech savvy of you that you will remember Lycos were that funny little dog, went off and found things that you were looking for, and for the really the early adopters. There is also Alta vista. But where are they now? Well, I know for a fact that they do not hold any dominance in the market and all honesty that has been the case for quite some time. The last time that I used Alta vista, or as it is better known now Ask Jeeves was when 16 MB was considered an awful lot of memory.

So why is it that nobody can come up with a slightly decent product to compete with Google. To put some facts to this question. Currently, Google has 83% of the market share in on-line advertising of billions of webs pages. I would imagine, that it is probably higher. I cannot really imagine anybody using anything else. ‘Go and Google it’ is often considered a solution for researchers to ones off spring. It is well known that working for Google is a very enjoyable experience (see my other blog post) they provide relaxed rooms, think rooms, fireman’s pole, to name but a few of the innovative ideas. So, if you want your company to be innovative and up with the trends. then presumably you may have to take a different approach. In this point I am referring to UK Ltd.

I’m sure there are very many unhappy people at the moment with the current economic climate and less than inspiring job choice. Britain’s innovation and investment in its people is appalling of course it depends who you compare it too Japan or Morocco. One must ask? When will lessons be learnt? Having purely a service based industry with finance at the centre of it has proved to be very costly. It is not inconceivable that some bright spark could have thought of a slightly more innovative business plan and one that is diverse too.

A key ingredient to Google’s success is their philosophy that work and play go together. By engaging the mind in both areas, you create a workforce with enormous potential. Hey, who knows maybe Britain could produce a decent challenge to Google if we think about it.

3 thoughts on “Why, I do not want to work for Google”

  1. It is important that somebody create a viable competitor to Google!

    Like mentioned, the market dominance is nearly impossible to overcome, but what I think is needed is a Search Engine that will provide the most relevant information regardless of SEO efforts and links! But how does a search engine determine relevance then??? Time to get creative!

  2. Maybe in business growth basics, Daniel is right, that competition is badly needed. But come on, this is Google! With or without competition, google continues to innovate and expand business with their strong and creative techie genuises.

    As for the SEO messing up with relevant results, it's been a long time pain in the neck for google. everyone just want sto get on page 1 SERPs. As they say, the search bits are getting smarter.

  3. It feels like I work for google. I spend thousands of dollars per month with them. However, it does produce results.

    Lately, however, the results have diminished because of the economy, I would guess.

    Interesting article.

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