Answer: How Much Does Online Advertising Cost in Relation to other Media Forms?

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I tried Googeling this one but unfortunately Google did not seem to have any relevant information, so I am going to have to answer the question myself. 🙂

I might be quite possibly asking the wrong the question, as the Internet does provide some very reasonable places to advertise. In fact is it advertising that is keeping the Internet going? I estimate ninety percent of sites are being paid for by advertising.

Arranging online advertising feels like a personal experience and it is time intensive. Once upon a time you could just choose a sports magazine, pay a few grand and have an advertisement made up and you were done. Is that so on the Internet? yes and no.

While it is clear that online advertising is increasing twofold every year as we spend more time behind our PC’s than in front of the TVs, it is not clear what the best place to spend those dollars is. Google has ad words its enormously successful advertising program. Microsoft has its less successful one too. There are hundreds of affiliate network sites, not forgetting Facebook, that wants to make a profit too this year.

If money is less of an objective you can pretty much contact any site; I am sure with the right smile your banner could be up there at a reasonable cost. With so much choice who do you choose? This is really where expertise comes in.  A seasoned professional who knows your market will be able to track down the sites that will be suitable for your adverts negotiate the right deal.

Now is a good time to buy advertising on the Internet with most companies offering very good deals due to the immense competition. Who would you advertise with?

The last couple of days I have been looking at buying some online advertising for I came across a wonderful niche that specialises in making miniature engines for enthusiasts.

Sponsorship was offered on the site at, so I contact the site owner and got this reply back.

“Pages for various craftsmen can be sponsored in exchange for a donation to the foundation. At this time we request a $100 (US) donation for 5 years of sponsorship on a craftsman’s page of your choice. Since many of the sponsors now shown there have been given free placement in order to get the page going in its early stages, you can request to sponsor any page even if it is already sponsored. If that person or business has not paid for the sponsorship, your request will take precedence. Please provide a 2nd choice in case your first choice is not available”

It appears to be a reasonable offer above and I am thinking about buy banner space. Than just this morning chatting with Owen.  He pointed out that Seth Godin has brought a mass of banner advertising and managed to make less than his cost in return. Which made me think too. If Seth can not sell it, who can.

Well appears that there is a growing marketing for advertising on Face book and that a number of companies are making a nice return.  I hope for Facebooks sake that is true or we may all have a problem.

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  1. The best way to advertise a product is to first do some research and find out who is your target market. Once you've found that out, contact the site owners in your niche or buy ad targeting service ads, like on Facebook or Adwords.

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