Any potential advertiser has to ask themselves?

Any potential advertiser has to ask themselves a few questions?


1. Is this advertising value for money – How much business will I get from it

2. What is it circulation – How do I know it is been circulated correctly

3. Does it reach my potential market – It is not enough that it arrives on their doorstep. Does it get into their hands.

4. How much response can I expect – Well it should pay for itself, if does not either the advert was a bad design or it was the wrong medium.

5. What sort of advertisement is applicable for my market – You cannot be liked by everybody, Target your market.

6. Can I do it more cheaply – Of course one can cut corners with the design, the seize, but usually people can tell.

7. What value has sponsorship – Sponsorship is my favourite, because whoever you are sponsoring will like it for obvious reasons. It shows that you are a part of community in the sense of putting something back.


If you have high value product then you will need high value advertising, Of course as the seller/manufacture you always want to give the idea that your product is excatly that even if you are selling it for 2 pence……