Are you unsure about blogging?

There is some talk that  a lot of professional people feel threatened by blogging, because they feel they are giving away their hard earned knowledge for free. There is some truth in this argument. However given the open style of blogging and that there are no hard and fast rules as to how one should blog the choice is very much yours as to how you do it. The only rule that counts if one is going to blog, it has to be interesting. Here is non conclusive number of styles one can use:


1.            Blog about changes industry practise- Demonstrates that the company is watching current trends

2.            Blog about personal development – shows that you are keeping up to date in your field

3.            Blog about your experiences – Shows that you know what you are talking about

4.            Blog about News events – Gives an insight into your personal opinions and thoughts


For professionals  that do decide to take the plunge the marketing gains are significant not just in search engine results and online media, but in providing your own marketing information. Which this can be reused and edited at a later stage for different campaigns. With big companies like Sony encouraging their executives to do it, how long can you wait?