Art of Luck in Business

The viewpoint that we create our own luck is a strong one. If one is constantly performing or over performing in what they do they build up a momentum that generates opportunities as it rides along. Whether that be through are own interactions with other people or simple generosity.  One could argue that is creating your own luck, and I would tend to go along with this. Having said all that the most remarkable thing happened to someone that I know.

A acquaintance of mine recently  won over £1200 hundred pounds from gambling machines in matter of days. He went down to the pub on three separate occasion and and won -/+ £400.  The pub owner thought that he had installed a faulty machine, it was not faulty. fruitmachine-1kFruit machines general speaking are only meant to pay when they have reached a certain amount credit.  So if you want to win on a fruit machine try it last thing at night. In the story above that was not the case. I have figured out what the odds are of that happening and they are quite remote.  A general rule of thumb  is that over a period of time such as a year the machine needs to pay back 85% of the money that has been put into it.