Businesses, Employees and Web 2.0

I received details of an interesting article on how businesses are applying web 2.0 communication technology via Google News alerts the other day – Taking residence in virtual worlds (Mahesh Sharma, Australian IT). It involves two case studies – Westpac (a bank) and Deloitte Australia – and whether Second Life could be used for business needs. The experiment proved to be positive and it is expected that an extended experiment will go ahead soon.

Some of benefits that Second Life can help deliver for businesses include:

– People felt more comfortable asking questions in that environment than a normal classroom or lecture environment

– It helps overcome the difficulty of communicating to 30,000 people, and the difficulty of getting people together from different locations and time zones to disseminate information

– It as a way of getting information out without the flying, driving and time-consuming travel to a central location

Deloitte Australia has also been experimented with Facebook as a business tool.

Benefits of using Facebook internally are said to include:

– It increases engagement with the 13,000 Deloitte employees that are members of Facebook globally

– To understand what other employees are at, and create a much higher level of engagement

– It allows an understanding of how other employees are thinking

Westpac has also experimented with an internal version of Facebook.

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