Cannon Law – Sensible Reformation of Attitudes

It is truly fascinating Canon Law in relation to Blair’s comment about a change of the Catholic out dated doctrine on Gay rights. It can be done according Anthanasius, Benedictus PP. XVI. He may change the teaching of the Church at any time he pleases, as could any Pope. The immaculate conception and ascension are two doctrines that have since become dogmatic teaching. (Such changes can only be accomplished by the Holy).

Tony Blair’s recent conversion to Catholicism may seem surprising to many, but his faith has been the cornerstone of  his  adult creative  life. If one examines faith in more detail we can make much more sense of it. Religion in modern day society is regarded as being the cause of war over the past centuries, this doctrine or idea is largely correct. Why would people go to war and risk their life for an ideal or belief. Interpretation of these events that happened over 2000 years ago in Jerusalem is where  we must look. The problem lies arguable in the misuse of these ideas and knowledge. Religion is powerful and gives a small minority great power. There is no doubt that almost all modern day conflicts and animosity between differing groups are based upon religious idealism.

Biblical events are the founding of much of western culture they represent a learning and creativity that enables people to achieve their full potential. This creativity has often been taken out from the bible and used in many self empowering everyday courses and learning centers. Some people prefer to disconnect that creativity from religious group. We should note that difference between the physical events as recorded in the Bible from the interpretations of different religious groups. In this modern information age the every person is empowered to have direct access  to the  events that occurred. So that they can create a personal interpretation. This is important in understanding the way forward for faith in the 21st century.

The interpretation of events is still very much open, any church or religious group can change their by laws to interpret  the teachings correctly. Tony Blair from a legal perspective was certainly correct in stating that the church can and should change its doctrine to provide proper pastoral care to all people that seek it. It is logical that different people are drawn to different groups because of what they represent, this itself does not make that group correct. So here you have a balance between what you believe or would like to believe and what really happened. Interface foundations such as the one begun by Tony Blair represent a move forward in the right direction. The different groups can focus on the forgiveness and love that they understand from their teachings/biblical events.

In some respects modern day democracy within the church is highly questionable. They have not traditionally encouraged their members to think outside of the box. This will honestly have to change in the future with modern technology raising questions over a large number of subjects from cell cloning to sexuality. I don’t believe that any God would encourage people not to live up to their full potential. Church law is now in need of urgent reform to provide a full service that God and its people expect from it.

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  1. I do believe that human beings are sent to this world to spend their freewill, use their energy to learn important lessons that will help them move on to higher levels. I cannot believe any God would impose restrictions on human expressions and experiences. If that were to happen God could have stopped us right at the beginning of creation. I imagine God to be a benevolent super power, who facilitates our learning by being there to watch over us even when we committ stupid mistakes.

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