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Some Cool Things You Can Do with Twitter

Twitter where you Visit:

Twitter is well established, I do not know the exact stats for its use but I do know that if type in Enschede in Holland a large selection of twitter subscribers appear. For me having lived in quite a few places in the world it nice to be able to hear what is going on in a place that I have lived. More interestingly I have also added people that live in countries where I would like to visit. Japan being top of my list. Funnily enough most the Japanese subscribers tend to want to keep there twitter quiet (no follow) but it is an involving process so we will see what will happen. 

Talking From Experience or Not

It has been a while since I have blogged, as I’ve been so busy with work and family and I had a really bad cold. During my time off I had some time to think about what it is? that we talk about. Who do I mean when referring to “we”? Well everybody … communication whether written, spoken, texted, – is an interesting process. Some people will talk all the time about a lot of things that they do not know. Others will use the internet. The amount of mis-information on the internet is remarkable. How does one distinguish between what is accurate and correct and what is baloney. Generally speaking, it is a combination of factors that focus our mind on whether someone is worth doing business with. How someone looks is pretty important. If they look like they have not taken much time over their appearance, then you have to ask yourself: “Would they take much time on any work I would give them? The only way to find that out, is to talk to them . There are lots of people of course who have the gift of the gab. If they are really strong in this area, they are more than likely they will be less strong in other areas. It is a balancing game. Specific areas a person excels in, will mean they will have other areas where they perform less well in. So it is important to assess what you are looking for in the beginning…. When you have noted this you will be in a stronger position to be able to get it…

How Many Times do you Need to Blog

 I was just reading some history about Darren Rowse and how he got into blogging. He recommended that if you want to climb the ranks of blogs you would need to be blogging quite a few times a day. While I can see the effect in this: it would keep the search engines busy and your readers too. Most of us being frank probably only have one really good idea every couple days so blogging more than that could became a bit stale. Of course if my readers wanted to hear my opinions about the American elections and the price of oil and gold I could be persuaded, I would still probably want to blog within a team. Just for the editorial checks… What are your thoughts? would you like to write severely posts a day?