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Sack The Policy Maker

policy-makersI cannot really put it any other way. It has been puzzling me for the past couple of weeks. Idea that we have a Prime Minister handling our affairs who in my opinion is directly responsible for them. Gordon Brown before becoming Prime Minister was Chancellor of the Exchequer for 10 years. Why is it in this time did he fail to regulate the banks. Surely that is the job of the Chancellor and if it is not his job than whose job was it? I believe that society should look after all its members. The current leadership of the Labour Party is an absolute disgrace.

How can they seek to justify the clawing back of bonuses and overpaid pensions. When they were responsible for the situation. The current witchhunt of Sir Fred Goodwin bears witness to a government that is seeking to shirk its responsibility. Only two years ago Sir Fred Goodwin was named business leader of the year. Now I do agree that he has been overpaid, but it is this situation that was allowed to continue for far too long. It is not rocket science to see the figures being quoted on the asset sheets were highly questionable. I don’t doubt for one moment that banking leaders the world over were aware of this situation. It would appear that they have chosen to ignore this and instead fill their own pockets. Of course everybody was quite happy to let this happen governments bankers and workers. As politicians look more towards the short-term satisfaction the general public will suffer long-term consequences. It is responsibility upon us all to seek long-term benefits. This was surely be the number one priority of an effective government.

This for me means that Gordon Brown must step down as Prime Minister. If the current government finds it acceptable that Fred Goodwin should retire from his post instead of clean up the mess he made (he is probably better equipped to do it than anybody else). Then Gordon Brown as the policy maker must forfeit his job. As a traditional Liberal supporter we must encourage and allow honesty to exist. It is only by having that we have a platform to deal with the root of the problems. Is this what voters asked for?

Has Google Become Too Big?

Everybody loves Google or so the saying goes. A few years ago if you wore a Google T shirt you would be greeted by smiles as you walked down the street. But that was a couple of years ago. The market place has changed with Google now controlling at least 75 percent of the search engine market and respectively the same amount of advertising and they now hold a very secure position. Fundamentally Google has not done anything wrong. It is just that you have no choice when it comes to advertising. Small and big e-commerce sites all use Google advertising. For example Tech crunch , Digg etc.

Effectively there is no competition which means that Google can dictate terms and conditions and have a very big say over who does what in the market. If a website owner was to say the wrong thing they could find themselves on the other side of the fence with no advertisers. Now the much talked about takeover of Yahoo by Microsoft is the first step in readdressing this problem. I am still not comfortable though. Both of these companies have such a large influence and control of the most dynamic communication medium. Is it time that we should start to worry?

Maybe not just yet, but the signs are there. While we have all become Google search converts. What would it take for some of us to start using another search engine? The array of products that Google provides are truly amazing. From Gmail to Youtube all for no cost to the user and paid for by advertising. But as the old saying goes Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Is Google too powerful?

Are you Going to be Watching the Election on the Internet?

I just came across this on the Tech Crunch blog, It was predicted and now it is happening. Instead of watching the elections on TV or reading it in the Newspapers. A lot of Americans will be getting their election news through blogs in Particular Ustream.TV.

Excerpt from blog:

“For those of you without C-SPAN, the Republican National Convention will be streamed live over the Web, and Ustream.TV has been chosen to be the official provider of live video streaming technology. (No doubt, other live streaming services such as Justin.TV,,, or Mogulus will be used by journalists and bloggers covering the event as well). The announcement is being made right now on Ustream.TV

IOD Going Green and Going Global

The IOD convention 2008 will be carbon neutral. Very interesting stuff,

This is a key part of a general drive by the IoD to champion the reduction of energy consumption throughout the organisation and it is fitting that our flagship event should lead the way in this cause. The IoD has partnered with The CarbonNeutral Company to make this happen. Activities such as travel, transportation of equipment, lighting and temperature control all produce C02 emissions. To make the event CarbonNeutral® all the C02 generated by the event will be measured and balanced out with verified, carbon-saving projects. The result is a net-zero carbon footprint.

Changing of World Media

New Media, there has been some discussion about this on the internet and it is clear that Newspapers, music, film, magazine are all changing. The changes that begun in the nineties are now coming to fruition. Media will never be the same again. Read Seth’s blog post here about what he predicted. . If you tie this in with mobile phones it is going to be a very different world. Maybe even more exciting than the Roman Empire.