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How Big Are You?

How Big Are You? In comparison to your neighbour, friend. Now expand that a little bigger. I remember as a child wondering how big the universe is and just possible that we may be nothing more than a grain of sand. 30 years later it appears that they have a little bit more information as these pictures show.  You have click on them to get the full picture.

We are not really very big, The effect we have on each other may well be. Something a little different.

Why, I do not want to work for Google

Let’s make it absolutely clear that if Google were to offer me a creative directorship in Google Inc. I would make the time to take that opportunity. But that is not the point. I’m sure that the readers who read this blog are aware of Google’s dominance in the world. From their e-mail program which I am a user of, to the online document storage, Ad sense, Google  alerts, websites, Chat, scholar, reader, etc. Google rules the online world in a little over 10 years. They’ve come from a simple search engine to worldwide dominance with revenues in the hundreds of billions of pounds. So, while it is not  clear that space aliens might control space, it is clear that  Google controls Internet advertising here on earth.

So, what is the point of this blog post. The question that has been concerning me for the last week. Is this, are all the clever people in the world working at ? That is of course preposterous. So why is it then that there is not even a murmur of competition in the water for Google. Yes, there are other search engines, but can you name them. I am sure for the tech savvy of you that you will remember Lycos were that funny little dog, went off and found things that you were looking for, and for the really the early adopters. There is also Alta vista. But where are they now? Well, I know for a fact that they do not hold any dominance in the market and all honesty that has been the case for quite some time. The last time that I used Alta vista, or as it is better known now Ask Jeeves was when 16 MB was considered an awful lot of memory.

So why is it that nobody can come up with a slightly decent product to compete with Google. To put some facts to this question. Currently, Google has 83% of the market share in on-line advertising of billions of webs pages. I would imagine, that it is probably higher. I cannot really imagine anybody using anything else. ‘Go and Google it’ is often considered a solution for researchers to ones off spring. It is well known that working for Google is a very enjoyable experience (see my other blog post) they provide relaxed rooms, think rooms, fireman’s pole, to name but a few of the innovative ideas. So, if you want your company to be innovative and up with the trends. then presumably you may have to take a different approach. In this point I am referring to UK Ltd.

I’m sure there are very many unhappy people at the moment with the current economic climate and less than inspiring job choice. Britain’s innovation and investment in its people is appalling of course it depends who you compare it too Japan or Morocco. One must ask? When will lessons be learnt? Having purely a service based industry with finance at the centre of it has proved to be very costly. It is not inconceivable that some bright spark could have thought of a slightly more innovative business plan and one that is diverse too.

A key ingredient to Google’s success is their philosophy that work and play go together. By engaging the mind in both areas, you create a workforce with enormous potential. Hey, who knows maybe Britain could produce a decent challenge to Google if we think about it.

RSS – Really Simple Sex

Only Geeks would come up with something like RSS. The really funny thing  is that nobody knows what it stands for, really simple, rich  site syndication. ( So what does that mean to the average person than?  Not a lot as you can imagine. Most people  have no idea about RSS and what it can do. So we have hundreds and thousands of Geeks all following what is going on the Internet through RSS feeds. You see if they’d call it something like, really simple sex, it would have got out of that geeky mould. One can  use  RSS to keep updated with information on your favourite webrss-imagesites (BBC, Blogs, Email, etc). Sounds complicated, it is not and of course you can compile it in whatever reader you like to read.

Unlike computers, which are incredible unpredictable that you never know what they are doing. Using RSS is easy. While it may take a long time visiting your favourite sites. Using a reader such as Google, there are a few others.  It will make your reading life a lot easier.  As a result you will be able to see all the content  your heart desires in one browser window.

So what does this icon look like and do? here is a video to show you.

Now that you have got your shiny new reader, and content streaming through. What is it that you may like to reflect upon.

Well some of my reflections from RSS goes something like this.

It seems that good old Gordy (British PM) is getting bushwhacked all over the place. Interestingly, I noticed last night on ‘Have I got news for you ‘(TV program) that Paul Merton was not laughing, maybe he is one of the few Brownites left . I do feel a certain amount of compassion for him but as John Wayne once said “you have got to go, when you have got to go”  Which kind of reminds me of an old school friend who did not befriend me on Facebook considering that I have not seen him for 20 years. It was hard to imagine what he could be concerned about. Maybe it was the fact that we use to call him ……. and he considers himself beyond such school humour. One does have to be careful what they write on the Internet as a magistrate found out this week due to twittering he lost his job in the courts. What is the problem he asked? all  the information is already in the public domain and published by the record division of the courts.

One can see there is a vast array of information to be gathered through RSS. From your Google e-mail through to your Facebook status. Pretty much everything. For the boys if you think of it as really simple sex and the for the girls as really simple shop. You should find it a lot easier than everything else that you may do on the computer.

You can subscribe to my feed here.

Cannon Law – Sensible Reformation of Attitudes

It is truly fascinating Canon Law in relation to Blair’s comment about a change of the Catholic out dated doctrine on Gay rights. It can be done according Anthanasius, Benedictus PP. XVI. He may change the teaching of the Church at any time he pleases, as could any Pope. The immaculate conception and ascension are two doctrines that have since become dogmatic teaching. (Such changes can only be accomplished by the Holy).

Tony Blair’s recent conversion to Catholicism may seem surprising to many, but his faith has been the cornerstone of  his  adult creative  life. If one examines faith in more detail we can make much more sense of it. Religion in modern day society is regarded as being the cause of war over the past centuries, this doctrine or idea is largely correct. Why would people go to war and risk their life for an ideal or belief. Interpretation of these events that happened over 2000 years ago in Jerusalem is where  we must look. The problem lies arguable in the misuse of these ideas and knowledge. Religion is powerful and gives a small minority great power. There is no doubt that almost all modern day conflicts and animosity between differing groups are based upon religious idealism.

Biblical events are the founding of much of western culture they represent a learning and creativity that enables people to achieve their full potential. This creativity has often been taken out from the bible and used in many self empowering everyday courses and learning centers. Some people prefer to disconnect that creativity from religious group. We should note that difference between the physical events as recorded in the Bible from the interpretations of different religious groups. In this modern information age the every person is empowered to have direct access  to the  events that occurred. So that they can create a personal interpretation. This is important in understanding the way forward for faith in the 21st century.

The interpretation of events is still very much open, any church or religious group can change their by laws to interpret  the teachings correctly. Tony Blair from a legal perspective was certainly correct in stating that the church can and should change its doctrine to provide proper pastoral care to all people that seek it. It is logical that different people are drawn to different groups because of what they represent, this itself does not make that group correct. So here you have a balance between what you believe or would like to believe and what really happened. Interface foundations such as the one begun by Tony Blair represent a move forward in the right direction. The different groups can focus on the forgiveness and love that they understand from their teachings/biblical events.

In some respects modern day democracy within the church is highly questionable. They have not traditionally encouraged their members to think outside of the box. This will honestly have to change in the future with modern technology raising questions over a large number of subjects from cell cloning to sexuality. I don’t believe that any God would encourage people not to live up to their full potential. Church law is now in need of urgent reform to provide a full service that God and its people expect from it.

Creating The Life You Want

I have recently been following some very interesting creative technology not involving computers/programs or such like. This technology has been pioneered by Robert Fritz. Creating the life you want is easily possible according to Robert Fritz. I am sure that many of us are familiar with the idea that what we think about we end up creating. This can apply to positive as well as negative thoughts. I was recently listening to a seminar given by Mr Fritz. Where he talked about a number of subjects. He started off by talking about how the first thing that dictators do is to ban the arts. This easily understandable as the arts represent creativity and by banning them a dictator can keep control. Another of his ideas is structural tension and we as human beings seek to resolve discrepancies in our life. Robert Fritz explains this phenomena with an example of what we see on the news. The newscaster will tell us the news and then seek to explain  it changing the news as more facts come to light. This demonstrates clearly how we like to avoid discrepancies. We want to know where we are and what we are doing. According to Robert Fritz if the newscaster was being totally honest they would say here’s the news and we have no idea how it happened.

One of the many concepts that Robert Fritz talks about is the inner and outer of self and how we experience life on these two levels. Our outside experience of life can be very different from the inside one. We can be experiencing difficulty in our life and yet be surrounded by peace and tranquillity. The outside experience is dictated by events going on in the world. The inside experience we can determine for ourselves. By focusing on things that are truly important to us we create the kind of experience and world that we would like to live in. As we become familiar with these concepts and the creative process in the  inside world it is safe to assume that that experience will permeate to our outside world.

I have been a familiar with the work of Robert Fritz for over 20 years now. Starting off with his DMA technology. I do recommend to read some of his books and familiarise yourself with his work.

Best Practices for Commenting – Say What You Mean

epicfailToo often we come across badly informed opinions or just sloppy writing in what we are reading on the Internet. The most obvious choice is to move on quickly to our next destination/blog post.

But what if we were to say exactly what we  are thinking?

For example that a blog post is incorrect or badly written and cite the relevant sources to back up our information. A critical comment can be ten times as valuable as a general “oh this is interesting” or not commenting at all when you think it is poor.

Comments  speak volumes about us all in a positive way be them positive or negative in meaning.

Below is a slightly adapted take on what I wrote to a group that  I am member of that discusses social media.

There is a balance to be struck in my view. Obviously I do not expect anyone to push something that they do not like or agree with. With commenting you can always express that point of view you if  you think it is not very good etc. Hence why I prefer comments rather than social bookmarking. (digg, deliciousStumble Upon)

Social bookmarking is a one way action but it fundamentally express the middle road. In the sense you can not vote downwards. Maybe blogs should implement that sort of tool. If we are voting and it is not having any noticeable effect on our thoughts than maybe it is better to make a comment.

Honest criticism and voting does give a meaning to what we are doing in this medium.

If one is too busy  to do it, than does it really matter if you read it all?

I also run a company, study law and have a Son. If  I am going to do something, I am going to make sure it has an effect.

Small Elections – Making them Effective

Should societies be allowed to represent institutions when they hold ineffective elections with a low turn out?

I presume the point of any society is to represent its members and their area of interest on a wider scale. (this idea is  open to debate) . If  members feel that elections are a more a popularity contest and by this a mean that by influencing the vote and winning the competition it will make them more popular. It makes a mockery of the society and its stated aims.  A lot more could be done to insure that fair elections are held in small societies and committees.


A considerable amount of time is taken by  people standing to prepare speeches and ideas and they should be judged on their contribution to the societies and the ideas that they put forward. If they feel that the process was a ineffective and due to a number of predetermined votes that have been decided before and are able to shift the balance of the outcome these elections. The society will never attract the best calibre of candidates.

If people come there purely to vote on the basis of agreement than on what each candidate can offer. The ultimate result is  that people that can make a considerable contribution end up feeling short changed and mistrust the process which creates a negative and  ineffective society.

Something that I would like to see implemented across all societies but for certain in smaller societies is block voting clause in the constitution to safe guard against this practise.

For a example a team of 8 people that have block voted in election from a total of 27 votes. Could insure that 5 members of that particular team that may be  standing gain a place on the committee . If one mathematically breaks this down it shows that they achieved a guaranteed 25 percent of the vote. by this practise. Which is an unfair advantaged for any other candidate standing not adopting such a practise.

This link explains that theory on a bigger scale

Constitutions of societies could also be changed so that if one considers the elections to be unfair they have some sort of readdress, ultimately decided by the current exec or an independent panel. For example, If the ballot papers were named and there appears 8 papers with the exact same voting pattern it should be easily identifiable as weather some thing is amiss considering the current election factors.  With out doing something about block voting, societies will never engage and represent all the people they are suppose to. It is important for it to be seen to be fair and just and give people the idea that are being represented by a democratic process and want to get involved in the societies activities.

Another idea is to raise the minimum percentage number that needs to be present at an election before it is binding. With out at least 40 percent of the members voting. Is it representative?

The last idea is to invoke active and non active member voting rights. Where members only gain voting rights provided that you have been present at a number of the society’s events as a whole.