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Content, content, content.

There are a lot of companies on the internet that would like to promote your website. Costs vary from £1,800 to 100,000+ For the novice web entrepreneur or newbie in the internet business it is a very comforting thought that you can pay SEO companies to increase visitors to your site. All these companies offer legitimate services using ad words, link building, tag optimisation , etc. (As we do too, the only difference with us is you just pay an hourly rate).

The main key to increasing traffic to your website and maintaining that traffic is content. If customer x goes to website y and likes the website he will most likely come back to look some more. If it is a static website with no changeable content chances are the site will not receive a second visit. Once they have read the four pages of information (about us, who we are, what we do, where we are, etc) they are not going to go back. The same applies if the content is very well written, comparable to a novel, even then they would be unlikely to; Who of us likes to read our book while sitting behind a computer? Something which leads me to a significant minor point that any website would not do themselves any harm to have a few PDF’s that people can download and print and read while they are sitting on their comfortable sofa drinking a cup of tea.

Almost daily I receive confirmation that there are any number of good ideas for business. A good idea is not enough by its own, it takes dedication, skill, demonstration that company x is good enough to get my business. Which is why ,the tools of web 2.0 are so important (blogging, forums, commenting, etc) The market is changing. A well written CV with a few qualifications and a pleasant smile used to be enough to get a job. Nowadays companies can research each applicant. If you have not written content to backup what you are doing, it is going to be very hard to achieve your goals. This used to be achieved by articles in the printing media. It is now available to every one on the internet. In the form of a profile and a blog . (Wcx, this company offers Wc3 legal compliant blogs and profiles) On the plus side by writing a little bit about what you do will have its own personal benefits, company benefits and will probably save you a few thousand quid.