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Finger on The Pulse

Having your finger on the pulse is what separates good ideas from successful ideas. Timing is absolutely everything in life. If you launch an e-mail campaign when everybody is talking about spam, except you, subscribers are not going to be flocking to your list.

Choosing the right sort of events is paramount if you want your company to grow. Sometimes you can be too clever and choose someone when the market is just not ready. Choice is all about getting it just right.

For example I wanted to bring Andy Beal over to the Isle of Man to speak at an IOD event. The concept seemed strong, the Isle of Man encouraging e-commerce, this, in theory could have benefits for everyone as whole. Unfortunately having contacted all the local companies the response was mute. There are a number of possible reasons for this. Perhaps we are not quite developed enough in the e-commerce market to realise such an opportunity. May be the companies are feeling the pinch financially. I do hope in the future that he will come.

On the other side we have had a number of visitors from participants from the Dragons den. The inventor of the reggae sauce Levi Roots, Yo sushi entrepreneur. Of course doing another event in that line could possible be old hat.

So what sort of event would be on the pulse now?