Coherent Thought Processes As Demonstrated in Google Waves

It gives away no secret to observe that lawyers have their own unique discipline and approach to the resolution of legal problems.This is a key skill for any one to learn in life as a method for how they deal with things. Theoretically when you have learned such a skill you can than apply it  to other areas of your life or things you may wish yet to learn.

Training one’s mind to approach problems in a coherent manner requires first one to be aware that they are not thinking as they are communicating. The first signs of this may be surprised looks on colleagues faces when you suggest something with no clear definition on how you are arrived there. Quite often pure thinkers struggle with either too many thoughts all at once and freeze at not being able to deal with the information overload. Or they have one thought and go into such depth that they lose the context of  the thought.

A good approach is to focus on thinking coherently and be aware that one has leanings to one side or the other. It is also a state of being that one exhibits in there every day activities and does than transcend to all there actions/work one carries out.

A very good example this is the latest development from Google called waves. It exhibits all the qualities of a coherent thought pattern and the result is an amazing product that will transform the way we communicate. Combining diffused, real time communication and online blogs/wiki all into one.  Google Presents a long presentation below about it, It is well worth it.

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  1. For many years, public schools taught children how to think and reason in the process of teaching them the basic so math, reading and history. Sadly, this has been lost in our zeal to teach obscure topics in the hopes of appealing to every social group.

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