Company Car Advertising the Minus and Pluses

A lot of successful companies have resolved there advertising problem by purchasing a company car or two and putting their company logo on the car.

This is a highly effective way to advertise your business for the following reasons:

1. For the price of petrol (£50) per a week a high number of people will see your company logo out and about
2. It lasts for a long period (3 years)
3. It is a perk for your employee.
4. It can motivate your employees if they can use it in there free time
5. You do not need to arrange other forms of advertising or less of it
6. The money you saved on advertising is going into your own company

The negatives are:

1. The driver will have to be a shining example of a good driver, or he could damage your companies reputation
2. There is increased company liability
3. Repairs will be expensive as the car will more than often be driven harder than it should.

I am thinking of doing a Wcx company car any suggestions for design please comment?

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