Create Workshops


Last week I did How To Grow Your Business Online workshop for  Lancaster university create project run by Joseph Buglass . The university well known for its management school. Is currently ranked third in the UK and is known for  encouragement of entrepreneurship.  So much so that Lancaster University Management School has hosted the first university-based Entrepreneurial Summit last year. One which is to be followed up by Sheffield university this year.

So what do you present to a group of young entrepreneurs? Cost saving factors is always going to be appreciate. I tended to focus on some things that I had learnt the hard the way and allowed them to ask questions. With so much advice and expertise on the Internet is really is about showing them what is important. I think the advice that stuck with them the most is “if you have not got the time to build a network to market your product than you will have to question what are you doing”.  It is all about delivering above expectation so that they tell their friends and their friends. Whom naturally trust them.

The added benefit with doing this sort of presentation is that it brings you full circle so that you engage in your own projects in a more focused way.