Creating The Life You Want

I have recently been following some very interesting creative technology not involving computers/programs or such like. This technology has been pioneered by Robert Fritz. Creating the life you want is easily possible according to Robert Fritz. I am sure that many of us are familiar with the idea that what we think about we end up creating. This can apply to positive as well as negative thoughts. I was recently listening to a seminar given by Mr Fritz. Where he talked about a number of subjects. He started off by talking about how the first thing that dictators do is to ban the arts. This easily understandable as the arts represent creativity and by banning them a dictator can keep control. Another of his ideas is structural tension and we as human beings seek to resolve discrepancies in our life. Robert Fritz explains this phenomena with an example of what we see on the news. The newscaster will tell us the news and then seek to explain¬† it changing the news as more facts come to light. This demonstrates clearly how we like to avoid discrepancies. We want to know where we are and what we are doing. According to Robert Fritz if the newscaster was being totally honest they would say here’s the news and we have no idea how it happened.

One of the many concepts that Robert Fritz talks about is the inner and outer of self and how we experience life on these two levels. Our outside experience of life can be very different from the inside one. We can be experiencing difficulty in our life and yet be surrounded by peace and tranquillity. The outside experience is dictated by events going on in the world. The inside experience we can determine for ourselves. By focusing on things that are truly important to us we create the kind of experience and world that we would like to live in. As we become familiar with these concepts and the creative process in the  inside world it is safe to assume that that experience will permeate to our outside world.

I have been a familiar with the work of Robert Fritz for over 20 years now. Starting off with his DMA technology. I do recommend to read some of his books and familiarise yourself with his work.