Dealing with Every Day Challenges

There is a Bob Dylan gangster song called Joey where one of the lines is ’peace and quiet is what we need to get back to work’ It is fairly obviously thought, in war there are rarely winners. This almost sounds like a push for world peace. The parallels do exist. When one is in Business they are for the most part serving a need in there relevant sector. I would imagine that very few people enter into business with objective of having a war.


Every now and then it is necessary to exercise a degree of empathy and consider what your competitors are doing. There are of course severely choices here. One can ignore the changing world and circumstance to his/her own peril. My personal strategy is to neutralise the threat. This often done by working together or having frank discussions. Examples of this are of course unions, professional bodies, etc.

 All these groups have an important role to play and achieve an awful lot for their members. For example unions in Japan, have been very successful. In Japanese canteens they all sit together as a team.