Domain Names What are They Worth?

I have recently been caught in the domain name game. I wanted to buy some small domain names, ones that are easy to write like or In this process I discovered a number of things about where the market is for domain names. It appears there are a number of companies and individuals who have come with the questionable idea of buying all the domain names they can within certain category. So for example Ron Jackson has brought as many as he can 3 letter and four letter domain names with .org .biz .com. So if I wanted to buy a domain name which is Owned by his company Internet Edge, Inc. I would have to email him and make him an offer. Which I did.

I wanted to buy I got a very nice email back from Ron informing me that I should make an offer. So I did I offered him $100 he than replied that he would only be interested in a sum around $1500. Which made me think. What’s in a name? Some say that names can be fortuitus. I wonder for example what did ebay mean or Amazon before the era. The first is made up and the second a jungle in South America. Was it the name that made these companies successful or the product. I will leave you to decide.

Having the perfect domain does not guarantee you success or an income. If the domain name you are searching is lucky enough to have a holding page it still has a value of nil in terms of traffic or internet relevance. Google will not be directing any traffic to this domain. To gain any relevance in the search engine fields you will need to make it special create something unique and wonderful and that takes TIME and MONEY.

A couple of my clients have chosen very long domain names. On the internet I do not think it really matters. So long as you engage you visitors. If you succeed at that they will bookmark or RSS you and more importantly return. Believe me if somebody is interested by something they will insure they get it.

Web business is not about getting 200, 000 visitors who and came go. It is about achieving your goals. If your goal for example is to sell 10 web design projects than all you need is hundred of the correct visitors looking for a design company.

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It also interesting to note that if you have a brand and some body has taken your domain name. You can apply to who will send them packing if they think they are cyber squatting.

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With new domain names coming out all the time one should be able to find there desired name in one of the new veriants., me, etc at 123-reg which I use.

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