Don’t Be Afriad To Follow

Just this morning I subscribed to comments from a couple of blogs. One in closed club called triiibes the other was a blog post from Dosh Dosh. Yesterday I commented on Sherrlynnes blog. Over the last couple of years some of us may feel the need to use the internet with caution. While there is some truth in this in relation to certain sites and money transfers. Most of the inter net is very safe.

For example if you subscribe to diffent blog/topics that you find interesting you can always with in 2 clicks unsubscribe. Rss is even safer where no personal information is being exchanged.

Considering that the Internet provides a wealth of largely free information it is a great pity not to benefit from this by using safe and standard tools. Follow your heart and see where it leads. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afriad To Follow”

  1. I completely agree with you! Ten years ago, before anyone ever heard of eHarmony, I met my husband in a chat room on IRC. I also met my now dearest and best friend. I've made a number of friends online and reconnected with old friends I'd lost contact with. I've learned invaluable things I'd have never known I'd need to know. The internet is an amazing tool!

  2. That can be problem, you have to be specific about what it is you are trying to find out. Something like less is more.

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