E-mail Signatures and stamps

Quite often I get asked where do I come from. It is one of those conversation starters. Especially nowadays, as we can do business with everyone in the world, or least have the potential to.

All too often I wonder where does this person live? We might know that they are based in America, but where? There over 50 states, each one at least 3 times bigger than the UK….. The outcome of such thoughts is that I have taken to adding a signature to the bottom of my email. Stating that we are a Manx company. A bit like James Brown really “say it loud I am black and I am proud”. Seriously I do have a slight nostalgia for post marks. I could always tell from the postmark if it was a letter from a loved one and more importantly where they were. On the other hand I am glad that we do not have to pay postage for each email that we send. I am averaging over 20 emails a day at current rates that would be £5.60 and quite a few trips to the post office. 

Put a Post Mark on your email and say where you are sending it from……