Entre Card Is It The Best Business Website Card Yet?

I have Just Signed up for my Entre Card to see what it is all about. Inspired by  Owen who has just developed a widjet so that you can see the last droppers (visitors). Could this replace blog catalogue and mybloglog who’s traffic to my site has dropped of recently. It seems a very fair system. You gain a credit every time somebody picks up your details by clicking on your Entree Card widget. This is by far the best system yet. The sign up process is very simple and you can get up and running in within  20 minutes. So if you have 20 mins to spare I recommend giving it twirl. I am looking forward to reporting back soon with more in depth thoughts about this. Don’t forget to check out Owen’s widget here.



4 thoughts on “Entre Card Is It The Best Business Website Card Yet?”

  1. Leo,

    Welcome to the Entrecard community! There are many different ways to make Entrecard work for you, so jump in and have some fun!


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