Feeding the Brain, what do you read?


Recently I have been reading a few books that make different connexions to the unconscious mind. While twenty years ago little reference in mainstream media was made to unconscious or super conscious thought. It has in recent years started to be more talked about. It was Carl Jung who first defined the unconscious so it has been discussed in limited groups for some time.


One of the books I am reading talks about auto suggestion and how that relays information in to our unconsciousness that later on will appear in a different form. For example as dreams, recollections, spontaneous thought and actions. Some people argue it is the predominant driving force of our persona. I can agree with the argument for this. As much as we like to think that we are in control it is surprising how often we get surprised. Things that we thought we knew about ourselves our not as straight forward as we possibly first thought. Our minds are extremely powerful pieces of equipment. Being able to master this tool or just being aware of it will reap huge benefits.


The power of the brain can be more powerful than some people can handle, hence why some people seek to change their state of consciousness. Even now with all the modern development very little is known for sure about how the brain works and how much of it we are using. In that respect computers are very primitive indeed and our books that feed the brain very powerful.