Finding calm in the work place


How many of us take the time to make our surroundings how we want them to be. How many managers actually take the time to see what effect different work places has on the employees. A few years ago I spent some time looking at feng shue. I was convinced that while I was studying the art of energy flow that it would do wonders for my career and home life. I was wrong. Afterwards I viewed Feng Shui suspiciously, but as usual what comes round goes around and I do think making your office your sanctum is important it is your space. Here are some tips,

Your computer can be customized in just about every way possible. Some examples; text read out, size of fonts, colour of applications, dictation the list is endless spend some time to insure that you have your computer doing its job, otherwise you will have to sack it (no slackers tolerated)

Make sure that you are comfortable in your chair and it is at the right height.

Make sure your screen is also at the right height. ( I realise while I am writing this that mine is not at eye level)

Make sure your paper files are ordered and correct in a way that you can understand.

Have something on your desk that makes you smile, A photograph, a silly postcard etc.

Have something on your desk that reminds you of your reason for doing what you do. ( I use three point triangle representing energy flows and a self made fish from my son)

The most important thing to remember is to have some fun, so if you need a break take a break, if you need to sit back and do nothing then do that, your brain is still working and probably more when you are not physically working.