Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki

Every wondered where you can get a complete list web 2.0 performing companies. has put together such a list here

On the other side of coin Business Blog Wire have done 5 Reasons Why Your Business Blog Should Help the Poor

Both give an excellent perspective on business development.

Accenture particular sums up social media very well with this excerpt.

“A weblog is an online, semi-personal journal offering the opinion and commentary of the authors. Our blogs feature thought leadership on a wide range of business issues, with a particular focus on helping companies achieve high performance. Here you’ll also find blogs about emerging technologies and career experiences from select employees. The opinions of the writers do not necessarily reflect the position of Accenture on these subjects.”

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  1. Thanks for the mention of the fortune 500 business blogging wiki. The wiki is a volunteer project to conduct a census of all fortune 500 companies currently blogging, and also ask bloggers to conduct reviews of the Fortune 500 blogs that are on the list.

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