Future Memories – Best Times Remebered.

Over the weekend I joined two clubs on face book. Both were the schools that I went to in my childhood. Now there is nothing amazing in that. There are lots of website where you can find a lost friends on the internet. But that is not the point of this post.

Some of my younger friends who are at university have over 3oo hundred plus friends in their face book profile. As the saying goes “school is the best time of your life”. I know that I had a particular good time when I was prep school. With out doubt I would relive it all again. My point is that people who are in education having the time of there life’s will now be able to stay in touch much easier, due to social networking groups. (Facebook, My space, etc) What will be the effect of this?

I remember when I had to change school. Of Course at school we all swore that we would stay in touch. Letter writing starts of well but after a year becomes less and less. I do think these social networking sites are going to make individual people very powerful indeed in the relationships they form and maintain. Giving people the exact choice of people to stay in touch with unparallel ease and comfort. It does have a downside too possible. People you may rather forgot will be able to find you easily. but with so many top friends will anyone notice. Enjoy enjoy I say.