Getting On with People

With out doubt one of the greatest business assets of any company or individual is the ability to get on with people. Bill Gates is obviously very good at it but just about any person in business has to get on with people. What if though it crosses your social or religious views. Do you think you can still get on with them?

Many people find this a great problem. Somebody thinks or acts differently than they would like. What would you do?

Do you agree with them smile and keep peace or do you tell them what you think? How good is it to keep things hidden from others and how good is it to express it?

Many questions and know clear rule of thumb.

The important thing to remember in human interaction is that you are only responsible for yourself. If the other party behaves in inappropriate manner it reflects upon them and nobody else. No matter what they are saying about you.

Taking time to respond or not to respond at all is the greatest control over the situation one has and usual is of more of a benefit to yourself and every body else in the short and long term.

Making sure you are happy and challenged it is the only way forward.